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The Company Won the Second Prize of Jining 5th Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition


On November 30th, "Golddafeng Cup" Jining 5th Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition finals were successfully held in Shandong Golddafeng Machinery Co., Ltd. in Yanzhou District, Jining.The competition takes "innovation drives development, science & technology leads the future" as the theme, on behalf of the company Ph.D. Ye Jianwen of Tsinghua University and Zhang Bin, director of our Company's R & D Center that on behalf of the Company participate in this competition, and won the second prize of Entrepreneurship Group by virtue of the project named "Bluewater Biotechnology Production of Polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHA) Technology".
     This award affirms our Company's ability to innovate in science and technology.We need to transform the achievements of innovation and entrepreneurship into new products, new industries and new competitiveness, and will surely become the leader in leading the industry in new technologies and models.